Myrna-Lisa's Professional Services

Professional Consultations

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Phone: (649) 243-5819

Hours: 9:00am-4:00pm

Locations: Serving Turks and Caicos Islands

Chapter: Virtual

Alicia Swann

  • Human Resources (including NIB and NHIP registration and payments

  • Training

  • Immigration Consultancy

  • Business Registration and License

  • Vehicle Registration and License


To undertake research and action focused on bridging the gap of socially and economically challenged young women.

Provides one-on-one and group coaching/consulting to create customized packages to benefit the needs of clients

Create activities to foster healthier communities

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Phone: (754) 366-8150

Hours: 9:00am-4:00pm

Locations: Serving local and international with a focus on St. Kitts and  Nevis)

Chapter: Virtual

Eartha Carey

  • Professional Development

  • Career Coaching

  • Speaking Engagements

  • Mentorship

Mschontel, LLC

Mschontel is a place to find books, custom tees, master classes and more.

EXCEL IN SPITE OF is a scholarship foundation I founded in 2017.  You can donate to the fund with your money or your time. Each is appreciated. Be sure to read the Excel in Spite of story.

The way to leaving your legacy is learning and working. I offer services to help you do just that.  Publishing a book? I have an ebook for that. Don't know where to start with your book? I have coaching for that. You can find almost anything you want right here on this website. Join the email list for special offers, coupons, and information. 

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Adonica C Williams

  • Books

  • Custom Tshirts

  • Scholarship foundation 

  • Community Service 

  • Master classes

  • Ebooks

  • Obituaries 

  • Invitations 

  • Coaching 



Phone: (407)  230-2738

Hours: Weekdays 3pm-9pm
               Weekends 12pm-9pm

Location: United States

Chapter: Orlando

JC & AS SMART Financials LLC

JC & AS Smart Financials is a company dedicated to making accounting and Bookkeeping easy and affordable for individuals and small business. We are here to help you run your business with a clear picture of your finances.

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Phone: (561) 717-9992

Hours: Monday - Friday 8am -9pm
               Saturday 7am - 3pm

Location: South Florida;  Central Florida; Remote

Chapter: Orlando

Sherrine Taylor

  • Management/Cost Accountant Services - Audits, Cost Margin Analysis, Financial Projection, Setup for credit card processing

  • Quick Book Services - Quickbooks Sales and Setup, Quickbook Training, Quickbooks Tips, Quickbooks Guidance Services (Audit and Fix Files) 

  • Bookkeeping Additional Services - Bank Reconciliation, Monthly Profit Loss, Month-End Financials, Transaction Report, Wave App Setup, Wave App Training, Recording Invoices and Receipts, Financial Statement Reports, Income Statement Monthly Report

Consortium of Worthy Consultants, Inc.

CWC is a minority-owned company that has served various community development efforts since 1997.  As a community development firm, our interest in developing and promoting projects with a purpose is our #1 goal. 501 (c) 3

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Phone: (786) 382-8023

Hours:  Monday - Friday 10 am - 6 pm Saturday By Appointment Only
Location: Nationwide

Chapter:  Fort Lauderdale

Kimberly Worthy

  • Grant & bid proposal writing

  • HOME, CDBG, and other federal grant applications

  • Strategic planning

  • Research & development strategies

  • Community development and planning

  • Market analysis

  • Site-specific planning

Bagg Chasers Management Group LLC

Bagg Chasers Management Group mission is to help Independent Artists achieve their goals by making sure they are registered and certified as an artist. Developing them and marketing them to the right audience and the ultimate goal for them to get picked up by a major labels.

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Loretha Ambrose

  • Register independent artist on all musical platforms.

  • Artist Development

  • Video Content

  • Performances (Booking) 

  • Tours

  • Press Conference Publishing

  • Events Virtual Console/Events

  • Social Media Setup

  • Branding

  • Advertising interviews (such as TV Radio and Events)

  • Publishing

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Phone: (786) 303-4402

Hours: 24 hours a day/7 days a week

Location: US/International

Chapter: Fort Lauderdale

Marie A Frazier LLC

Who we are: People want to live long, healthy lives with the financial means to do so. They’re concerned about healthcare costs, retirement readiness, and protecting their family’s quality of life. We’re committed to helping them plan for every part of that journey — because a financial strategy is about more than dollars and cents. While our focus and experience is rooted in more than 100 years in financial services, we know discussing and promoting good financial health today can help protect and preserve wealth tomorrow.

Mission: To educate, empower, and emancipate individuals how to transform their lives from financial disparity to financial prosperity. That way we leave no family behind as we help them grow, protect, and save their money.

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Marie Frazier

  • Insurance Protection

  • Debt Elimination

  • College Funding

  • Retirement Strategies

  • Business Strategies

  • Estate Preservation

  •  Legacy Building 



Subsidiary Website:

Phone: (240) 643-8553

Hours: Sunday Closed

Monday: 4:30 PM-9:00 PM

Tuesday: 5:00 PM-8:00 PM

Wednesday: 6:00 PM-7:00 PM

Thursday: 4:30 PM-7:30 PM

Friday: 4:30 PM-9:00 PM

Saturday: 11:30 AM-5:00 PM

Locations: I am licensed in DC, MD, and VA. 

Regarding outreach to potential clients or prospective business partners: all 50 states of the United States including DC, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

If client wants to move forward with a financial plan, product, or service, I must obtain the proper non-residential license and credentials at least 10 calendar days prior to submitting business if conducting business outside of DC, MD, and VA.

Chapter: Virtual