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Click here for additional data file. We thank R. Spath for his great support with the X-ray measurements at the high-energy beamline BW7 of BESSY II. We thank M. Reimers for his help with the X-ray diffraction measurements. We thank M. Gebert and D. Schönfeld for their support during the preparation of the manuscript. [^1]: **Competing Interests:**The authors have declared that no competing interests exist. Dense packing with min-bipartite graphs - silvio ====== Estragon I can't help wondering what the other book is that refers to in the preface, or whether it's just a random suggestion that's been floating around unfortunately without much research. In any case, I'm surprised that Graham's planar subdivision conjecture is not mentioned in that article, as it was shown in the article that it follows from the dense packing result. ~~~ johanneskoele Is it that well known that dense packing follows from the Graham planar subdivision conjecture? The text is written in a style, which I'd say is more of a book than a research article, and the title mentions the Graham conjecture. Dn_Ab Dense packing has a long history of being known to follow from Graham's/Planar Subdivision Theorem. It's even discussed as a solution to one of the 5th problem in [1] by Hardin. [1] anatoli Was that before or after the 5th problem, which is to prove that every non-planar graph can be drawn in the plane without edge crossings, was solved? I'd say no, and in fact the relevant citations to that are in later sections. I mean the Hales - theorem is in chapter 11 and is also mentioned in the 5th problem, and the dense packing is in chapter 6 (also mentioned as "s




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Picture Instruments Image 2 LUT Pro 1.0.14 Crack Mac Osx [April-2022]

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