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Controlling Your Crazy, LLC

Toni Douglas is the CEO of Controlling Your Crazy, LLC. Previously a leader in education, Toni uses her coaching skills to instruct single women on their quest to understanding and controlling their feelings while they're dating. Toni Douglas’s work can also be seen in several monthly issues of CREATIV magazine.

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Phone:      (954) 540-3178

Hours:       8:00am-5:00pm EST

Locations: Virtually anywhere

Chapter:     Fort Lauderdale

Antonia Douglas

  • Dating and Relationship Advice

Kissable ReTreats, LLC

Kissable Retreats is a romantic service that will take the worry out of planning for your significant other.  We focus on intricate details that gives your special moments  that added charm. We are here to save you time and make your experience something you will always remember. Leave a lasting impression with Kissable Retreats. We create date nights for busy couples.  

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Phone:    (754)  229-9878

Hours:    Monday - Friday 9- 6
                  Saturday -10-4
                  Sunday - Closed

Location: South Florida Tri-County                             Area; National; International

Chapter:   Fort Lauderdale

Rebekah Mitchell

  • Kissable Reconnection: Online Course for Couples

  • Kissable Treasures Box: Signature wine glasses, couples card games and much more

  • Date Night Services upon consultation

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