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Exclusive Sisterhood

Self Discovery through Workshops & Webinars

Since our inception, TMHC has created a resourceful and supportive Sisterhood for Entrepreneurial Minded Women of Color, by providing both Beginner and Intermediate levels of training in Professional Development & Small Business/Non-Profit Organization Start-Up.  The key to our success is our genuine and resourceful sisterhood; along with our unique and interactive entrepreneurship curriculum.

Guided Journey to Entrepreneurship

Accountability, Support & Recognition

Invite Only Social Events

Annual Pink Retreat

Induction Gala & Pinning Ceremony

The MillionHeiress Club was founded in 2013, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida by our Founder & President, Michele Liberis-McNabb. We currently have 4 Chapter and our Online Community Chapter, where we provide an exclusive curriculum to assist our members with meeting objectives to successfully enter into the world of small business ownership and to enhance their personal and professional development  by the completion of the membership year. Our sisters are formally welcomed into the organization during our Orientation Day during Quarter 1, where they undergo the TMHC oath and officially become club "Sisters."  Upon successful completion of all quarterly objectives, our sisters are then inducted into the organization as "Heiresses" during our pinning ceremony at the end of the year.


Our sisters benefit immensely from the exclusivity of our organization, as our main focus is to form deeply connected and meaningful relationships, creating an empowering and stress-free environment for our sisters to succeed.  Your year is strategically scheduled to provide a proper balance of "Dream Builder's Workshops", Webinars, Social Outings and Retreat" that will educate, motivate and rejuvenate you become your best version as an entrepreneur and career woman.


2014 Harlem Night's Event
2015 Board Members Appreciation
2016 Ladies Trip- St.Thomas, USVI
2022 Pinning Ceremony- All Blue Gala
2022 Backpack Trip to Houston, Texas
2023 Orientation Day
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