The Satin Bonnet Epidemic: The Stereo-type on Sistas Who Wear Bonnets to Go Out

LADIES!! Let's talk about this thing!! This thing I like to refer to as an epidemic that's plaguing sistas all over the world, (lol). No, but on a serious note, let's discuss the issue that seems to boggle the minds of men and women who can't seem to understand how one can wear an accessory meant for bed, out in these streets as if it's some cool hat or fashion staple to your casual grocery run.

See, here's the deal: I've heard plenty of people refer to women that wear satin bonnets to run errands as "ghetto", "hood", "ratchet", and "dirty"...(yes, dirty). Now is it possible to be none of the above, but still have this night-time cap on your head out in public?...Of course. The only problem is, other people don't see it that way or treat you otherwise. Now this definitely isn't about what others think of you, but let's be real, if you create a look for yourself, that's TOTALLY unnecessary (i.e. wearing a satin bonnet over hair that can be covered with a cap) and expect PEOPLE (the most judgmental creatures on earth) to not have an opinion, guess again.

I took it upon myself one day to take pictures of women who I saw out, wearing a satin bonnet. In one day, I captured three pictures with a total of 5 women; they came in groups. I couldn't believe it. Was I missing something? In that same day, I went into my local grocer to find a satin bonnet so I could read the front cover on one of the brands, ("Maybe I'm confused on its purpose", I thought). I read the front cover on one of the packages and it read, very boldly, "Stays on all night so you wake up right!" (These people even made it rhyme). Okay, so now I'm really confused.