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Bring it On 2020!: TMHC Orientation Day

Every year seems to be a belly-full of butterflies and a mindful of nervousness as many women enter a new phase of their destiny into The Millionheiress Club. Returning members revisit their past goals head-on and new members gear up for what’s to come in their business pursuits. Whatever position our ladies are in, every member is proud to enter this organization, built to help you push past your fears and align you with your purpose.

This orientation was a really good one! It took place earlier this month, just in time to kick off the new year. Ladies in the Atlanta, Georgia chapter had their special day of introductions, power points and ice breakers, while the ladies in the Fort Lauderdale chapter were just as busy on the forefront.

For The Millionheiress Club, orientation day is no secret to the outside world! It’s a big day for the ladies of the group and it pretty much rolls out what the year ahead will look like. Ladies get excited for upcoming trips, accountability groups, workshops, materials, photo shoots and most of all, networking with the sisters within the group. It's a day set aside to bask in your future and envision your dreams coming to reality.

As a current member, I must say, TMHC is no walk-in-the-park when it’s time for business! We set goals on orientation day, we commit to helping one another and we sign a contract that binds us to what we say we want to do and when we want to do it! While none of us are blood related, we have a tie that makes us hold one another up so we can be our best in business, professionalism and womanhood.

The ladies of TMHC are ready for what 2020 has in store and we are not making room for procrastination, tardiness, laziness or excuses!

Let's get it!

Atlanta, GA Board Members

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