Do Black Consumers Really Support Black-Owned Businesses Like They Should?

There are 43 million black people living in the U.S. according to the most recent Census Bureau— (that’s a lot of black people!) Somewhere in that number are a whole bunch of blacks who own or operate a business for themselves or for someone else who is black— (still a lot of black people). Knowing this, and knowing that it is humanly impossible to keep track of every single black person doing their thing in the business world, how can some black consumers put all black business owners and/or operators in a box and negatively generalize their work ethic, brand, service or product?

While we’d like to think a bunch of black consumers aren’t guilty of negative generalizations, I’m here to tell you, they are! I cannot speak for every black consumer, but let’s just say I’ve heard negative generalizations about black businesses more than I would have liked in my adult life.

So I ask, where is this mentality stemming from? Why do some black consumers believe black business owners aren’t capable of doing what we’ve been getting done for hundreds of years? And why do some black consumers let one bad experience with a black business, dictate the outcome for the thousands of black businesses that are doing well?

I decided to come up with my own answer to this based on what I see, hear, read about and based on a few of my own experiences. Firstly, for some blac