When Your "Fit" Doesn't Fit the Job: How to Dress for Your Next Job Interview

Summer time is moving along quickly, and for some of us, our career and/or our school journey is moving just as fast. That said, job interviews are on the rise and now is the time to get ready!

I've sat in on many interviews over the years questioning applicants on their qualifications. Some interviews were a breeze because I was able to have authentic conversations with the interviewee across from me. Others weren't that easy. I've been distracted by chipped and old fingernail polish, brightly-colored suits, short skirts and even hair weaves that only Diana Ross could pull off. The biggest faux pas I saw time-after-time, were women not knowing what to wear on their "big day". Sure, women no longer have to wear pantyhose or a business skirt to their ankles, however, there are just some things that need to be left in the closet or thrown in a bonfire.

I get it. Some women are fresh out of their undergraduate studies and can't afford an Olivia Pope inspired suit, OR some women who have been working still can't afford an upgrade to their wardrobe as they climb up the ladder. No need to fear though; there are ways around that!

A job interview is your one shot at impressing your potential employer and your attire plays a HUGE role in that experience. If you really want the job of your dreams, or even a job for stability, you have to invest in your future. Nothing is wrong with shopping at Target, Walmart or Ross. These stores are equipped with your interview essentials and can prepare you to abide by the simple Dos and Don'ts for a job interview...(and those are):

1. Stay away from RED.

Red nail polish, red lipstick, red suits, red shoes and bright red hair are all a no-no. Although red can be a beautiful color to play with, it's not appropriate for an interview. Unfortunately, red is sometimes associated with anger, fear and seduction (and we all know you're not trying to seduce your future boss!) Stick with very basic colors on this day and you're sure to be fine.

2. Go NUDE.

While it would be a riot to show up to your interview naked, that's not what this means. Going "nude" means wearing safe colors on the body parts most interviewers notice. If your nails will be polished, go nude. If you're wearing a white shirt under your suit that may have slight visibility to your brassiere (that you can't help), go nude or skin tone. Want to have a nice lip to compliment your face? Go nude. Neon nails, spring-colored lipsticks and colored undergarments are risky. Nude is safe and you'll be taken more seriously by your interviewer with the "Go Nude" approach.