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How TMHC is Surviving C.O.V.I.D. : (C)laiming (O)ur (V)ictory through (I)solated (D)ialogue

Ft. Lauderdale, Atlanta & Virtual Chapter Members

Listen! COVID-19 may have hit us like a ton of bricks, but it's not stopping what TMHC is doing virtually!

Instead of looking at COVID as a devastating thing for our members stuck at home, we've turned it into something positive because after all, we're all about uplifting and optimism.

C.O.V.I.D has taken on a new meaning for our organization and that's, Claiming Our Victory through Isolated Dialogue. Although some of us are still reporting to work outdoors or struggling with the kids at home, we are making an effort to socialize and work virtually for the betterment of the members.

"In the Company of My Sisters" Book Discussion

For one, we've been digging deep into our book discussion. The second book we're unfolding as an organization is, In the Company of My Sisters. This book has so many interesting layers for sisters alike and despite what's happening around us now, the TMHC sisters are chiming in with their take on the topics.

In addition to reading our designated book, we've also been holding workshops; yes, we are still fulfilling our membership duties!

Two weeks ago, TMHC had a virtual workshop titled, Effective Networking Techniques which assisted us in our ability to walk in a room and sell ourselves! Our members from Ft. Lauderdale, Atlanta and even Hawaii, chimed in to learn about strategies that could help move their business to the next level.

Not to be outdone, COVID is pushing us right into another virtual experience with the sisters of TMHC. Next month, we will log on to our computers, slip on our favorite pair of PJs or dinner dress, and have our first ever Virtual Ladies Chat Night. We'll cover topics that'll help us cope with anxieties, how to budget our coins while we're locked in and how to be there for one another while we learn about beneficial ways to thrive, (wine and snacks included.)

While we're Claiming Our Victory through Isolated Dialogue, everyone around the world should follow suit if they're not already. We are facing a time that a lot of us have never experienced. The only way to successfully get through this pandemic, is to rely on each other's strength and keep grinding the best way we can.

Working virtually doesn't make us forget our present, but it certainly helps us deal with the future, and we get to have fun while doing it!

Your favorite blogger,


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