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"Smile for the Camera, Now Click! Click!": TMHC's Annual Photoshoot

Nothing is better than a good face beat and dressing up, all while having your sister-friends join in on the fun! This past weekend, The Millionheiress Club did just that, as a part of our Annual TMHC Photoshoot. You’re probably wondering why we do this annually, and the answer to that is simple. Each year, The Millionheiress Club gets new members, current members update their business ventures and it’s ALWAYS great to have up-to-date head shots that can be used for portfolios, resumes and business cards. This year, the TMHC sisters gathered at T.Y.E. Studio to engage in a shoot for the books! Sisters got the opportunity to get their makeup done by professional artists and were granted the opportunity to take a plethora of pics for their personal business and with the members of TMHC for our site.

Usually, The Millionheiress Club is venturing in a quarterly community service event or a professional workshop on a Saturday. This time, the girls let their hair down and made the magic happen behind the camera for their businesses. Being a member of this organization definitely keeps me on my toes— personally and professionally.

I’ve used my professional TMHC photos on my website, and on my business cards. For speaking engagements or interviews, I always turn to my TMHC photos, and I’m glad I get to keep it poppin' every single year. The photos here are just a snippet of the professional fun we had. Stay tuned for the sisters who will post their beautiful professional photos as they advertise their businesses and update their beautifully made business paraphernalia.

Your favorite blogger,

- Toni

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