TMHC Gives Back in a Big Way for Thanksgiving

Every year, The Millionheiress Club strives to give back to the local south Florida community by contributing services, volunteering time and/or adding to the pool of opportunity to help someone in need.

This year, and every year, The Millionheiress Club hosted our TMHC Annual Blanket Drive. Collectively, we contribute a number of blankets and give them away to the homeless population of Ft. Lauderdale, FL and anyone in need of being comforted by the “Season of Giving”.

Because of recent law restrictions on giving away free, hot meals, we decided as an organization, that giving away blankets is just as sufficient, if not better, than giving those in need something that will give them comfort living a life that has not been claimed by standard means of accommodation.

To add a little spice to our annual blanket giveaway this year, we added cookies into the mix and showed our love to the community by also distri