Do You Really Like the Company You Keep, or Are Your Friends Just Convenient?

Now we all know the importance of having female friends, right? For starters, they’re there to listen to our mushy stories, they’re perfect for going out with on any given weekend, and they make great side-kicks to help talk smack about a guy or girl you can’t stand.

In a pretty-perfect world, all women would regard their girlfriends as the ideal candidate for all the qualities I mentioned. But what happens when you don’t care for one (or some) of the friends that you keep as company? You know, the friend you gossip about from time-to-time to your boyfriend or other friends or, the friend you secretly fight or curse out in your head during your make-believe confrontations. It’s not that I’m trying to normalize these behaviors, but rather, I want my fellow female blog readers to examine their motives when it comes to hanging with the women in their circle.

So, that brings me to this question: Do you really love the friends you’re always around, or is it simply for convenience to fill your friend roster?

Here are some ways to tell if you may be keeping your friends around simply for the heck of it:

1. You talk about them to others, but paint a different picture on social media.

I find this one very common. There’s no need in bashing another woman, just to hang out with her on your lonely, bored Friday night and then post about it for “likes”. Sure, pictures look great with groups of friends smiling and hugging one another while throwing out a loving emoji and hashtags, but what does it say about your intentions? While no one is perfect, it’s never okay to bad-mouth someone you call your friend, and then look for the first opportunity to jump in an Instagram photo-opp. (