3 Kinds of People to Avoid When Starting a Business or Project

Let’s face it, in this day-and-age, entrepreneurs are all around us. They’re on several social media platforms, they’re in our family and some of them are even our friends. If you know anything about fulfilling a dream of yours through a business or expounding on a hobby you’ve perfected by means of a project, then you know it’s no easy venture. Entrepreneurship takes a lot of guts, money and man-power on the back end. It comes with good days, great days and days that you probably wished never existed. On top of all of that, starting a business or project comes with the inevitable, the unavoidable and the inexplicable…people that don’t want to see you win. Just as many entrepreneurs that you see around you, there are as many people who don’t have your best interest at heart. This reality of starting a business or project should not discourage you, but rather, make you aware of the negative people you’ll run into while you grow your plan.

If you’re thinking about starting a business/project, you’re getting ready to launch your business/project or you’re already there, here are 3 types of people to avoid in order to have a healthy business and/or a productive launch:


Ever heard the quote, “When people say, ‘You can’t do that’, it is usually because they never thought to do it.”? Simply put, when someone tries to influence you to sway from your business ideas or future project goals, with no Plan B or a more innovative idea than the one you had, then they’re dream killers. These types of people are not capable of doing what you are, so to them, every thing you do is always a bad idea. I remember when I resigned from my job after 11 years to pursue a dream I’ve had for years-- my skin was itching just thinking about quitting and going after what I loved. Before I made the leap to resign, there were some people in my corner cheering me on and giving me the support that I needed. Then, there were others who questioned my motives because they didn’t have the courage themselves to make the move I was making. Sure, some people don’t want to see you fail, so they’ll throw you a net to avoid you drowning. However, there are those, (the ones I ran into on my way out), who try to make yo